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As a small business owner, the decisions you make have an immense impact on your organization. Your choice of IT partner is critical. You likely have very limited IT resources available and must find web development services that are dedicated to your success and can help you eliminate as much risk as possible.

By choosing bluejava, you will be building your solution and your relationship on a solid platform designed for growth.  Your web solution initiatives will carry less risk and create better results for your business.

Here is why:

Web Solution Consulting

As a small business, you will work closely with the same high-level consultants that work with our large clients. We can help you to determine the most affordable path to reaching your goals, whether you have a deep understanding of web technologies or none at all.

The original authors of the Yokohama Business Platform are available to ensure any technical problem can be solved, and solved efficiently. You will find this to be a refreshing change from shops that work with 3rd party frameworks or open source solutions over which they have little or no control.

ROI-focused Development

When building out a web solution for small businesses, the Return On Investment is the primary metric for planning. Typically, this is very difficult to measure, as there can be many hidden costs in a software development project. Even if you have in-house programmers, they will often grossly misjudge the time required to complete a task, causing any ROI comparisons to be of questionable value.

When planning with bluejava, you are provided an interface to plan features, and given hard quotes for each feature. This allows you to precisely predict and control your budget, with specific features guaranteed of delivery - and guaranteed on schedule. This frees you to focus on your business needs, what a feature means to your bottom line, and how to market your new product.

Affordable Pricing Model

We have a very affordable pricing model which allows businesses of all sizes to partake in the benefits we offer. The Yokohama Business Platform that we built to handle the demanding needs of large enterprises is also used as the foundation for building small business solutions. As your company grows, you may choose alternative tiers of service to ensure continued affordable, yet appropriate levels of service. And by building on our enterprise class platform, your solution will never "outgrow itself" and need rewriting.
Pricing Tier Model

Faster Time to Market

We start with a fully functional business application, complete with user registration and security, LiveContent pages and more. This sits atop our Yokohama Business Platform (YBP). This combination cuts your time-to-market to the bare minimum, allowing us to focus purely on your differentiating features. Best of all, this rapid development does not come with the usual "Spaghetti Code" that comes from a rushed project - your site is built with elegance, in compliance with industry standards, atop a world class business web platform.

Multi-Layered Security

As your small business becomes more and more connected, internally, with your partners, and with your customers, security of your private information is critical. Many small businesses feel they can not afford enterprise class security in their early stages, but by choosing bluejava, you can enjoy affordable, but extremely high levels of security.

Below is the Security Path that each request must take before accessing your sensitive data. Each of these components plays a role in our Security in Depth policy to keeping private data private.


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