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Yokohama Business Platform is a powerful new technology for the creation and management of high-powered business applications for the web.

It is a bit like an Operating System for your web server. It manages your content, your uploaded files, your users, your data, and many other resources. It acts as a gatekeeper to enforce security policies, and to ensure your site continues running securely and efficiently.

By building on the Yokohama Business Platform, your project is given a great headstart towards becoming a best-of-breed web application. It allows the focus to be placed on the specific "differentiating features" of your business application - just where it should be.

Let us show you a few of the components that makes Yokohama such a powerful foundation to your business strategy:

Like a highly trained musician, great business applications continue to operate and serve their purpose without supervision. With Conductor, however, you are given the critical information and control that enables you to maximize your site's effectiveness for your users, and maximize it's return for your business.

Conductor gives you a "live" dashboard view into to your site's activity. Watch as users log in and access pages and view real-time statistics - including any custom business metrics you have defined.

With Conductor, you are free from your dependence on IT staff - able to gain insight to your customer's usage patterns - empowered to conduct your business web site.

XoX is an XML extension of the Java programming language specifically designed for writing business-focused web sites. XoX understands and anticipates the realities of modern web-based business applications - encapsulating key business functionality into feature blocks.

By using XoX, developers are not bogged down with the technical challenges of web-based application development, and can focus on your differentiating factors. A concise business-focused language also allows for multiple developers to work together more easily - or for one developer to take over a project started by another.

The result is more manageable, more secure, and more profitable business solutions.

Yokohama contains a built-in document management system, which allows for adding document attachments and the management of those documents at any place within your solution.

DMS manages updates to your documents as well, while tracking previous versions and their authors for a complete history of a document.

Special processing for images allows for automatic high-quality resizing for thumbnails and other uses.

Forms are the web's primary method of accepting information from users. The data submitted is often paired with much "hidden data", which aids in processing transactions. With normal forms, however, this data can be easily tampered with by mischievous users.

FormProtect ensures that all forms have tamper-proof hidden data.

FormProtect also stamps each form with a unique randomized ID which mitigates automated form submissions from spammers.

Web Application Firewall

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) extends the coverage of a typical networking firewall by examining the web requests themselves and blocking malicious users.  As hackers are increasingly relying on HTTP attacks, a WAF is becoming an increasingly essential part of any critical business application.

Web Application Firewalls are often sold as separate components, and must be integrated with your particular web server and your business application.  The tighter the integration you can manage, the better protection you will achieve.  With Yokohama, the WAF is built-in, offering complete integration and the ideal platform for detecting threats from hackers.

YUI Integration

To meet the need for richer client-side interaction, Yokohama has several integration points with the Yahoo User Interface library from Yahoo!

This allows for easy incorporation of rich client behavior such as Drag-n-Drop, animation, AJAX, rich text editing, charts (see right) and more.

The web is a global marketplace, and modern business sites need to be ready to handle multiple languages from the start.  Yokohama not only supports all the languages of the world, but it offers Ambassador - an online translation management console.

This enables an entire team of disparately located translators to translate your site efficiently to any new language - in context.   Furthermore, as your site expands, the ambassador helps manage the new words and ensures 100% coverage.

DataMatrix is the data management component of the Yokohama Business Platform, overseeing the retrieval and storage of your critical business information into a database or other long-term storage.

Information is one of the most valued assets of modern businesses, and DataMatrix has been engineered to reflect that - offering the best available security, efficiency, and management of your data.