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BEAT Eating Disorders AssociationAdult Helpline 0044-345-634-1414 (UK number)unrated
Child Counseling Centre (Jido Sodan-jo)057-064-000 (national number) japanese-only counseling: 03-3366-4152address of different offices can be found on the websiteunrated
Disque Saudetoll free: 0120-05-0062 & 080-4083-1096563-6 Irukade Shinden, Komaki-shi, Aichi-kenunrated
Japan Helplinetoll free: 0120-46-1997 or 0570 000 911unrated
Japan Hotline(03)3586-0110unrated
Japan Network Information Center03-5297-2311unrated
Narcotics Anonymous Japan080-5684-3821Franciscan Chapel Center, 4-2-37 Roppongi unrated
NTT Service Guide0120-01-9116unrated
NTT- Questions Regarding Bills, Etc.0120-36-4463 (English info)unrated
Spousal Violence Centersvarious facilities fulfilling the function of Spousal Violence Centers throughout Japan list can be found here: http://www.gender.go.jp/e-vaw/dv/center_e.pdfunrated
Surviving in Japan (without much Japanese)unrated
Telephone Repairs0120-36-4463unrated
TELLeTheraphy (Distance Counseling)03-4550-11465-4-22 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo unrated
Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)Life Line: 03-5774-0992 Office: 03-3498-02615-4-22 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062unrated
Weather177, or 045-681-0177unrated
Web Japanunrated
Yorisoi Helpline for ForeignersHotline: 0120-279-338 (toll free)unrated
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