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ABC Baggage Service Company03-3545-1131 Fax: 03-3543-4993unrated
Air Voyages03-3470-3795unrated
ANA Flight Reservation Center03-3490-8800 Fax: 03-5435 0903unrated
Checker Radio Taxis03-3573-3751 (J)unrated
Haneda Airport Animal Quarantine03-5756-4860 Fax: 03 5756 4904unrated
Haneda Airport Customs03-5756-4841unrated
Haneda Flight Information03-5757-8111unrated
Hayashi Clinic03-3988-5700/17th Fl, Sunshine 60 Bldg, 3-1-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro.unrated
Hello Tokyo Taxi03-5653-7733unrated
Japan National Tourist Organization03-3216-1901(J); 03-3201-3331 (E)Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, 10-1 Yuraku-cho, 2 chome, Chiyoda-ku.unrated
Japan Travel Bureau (JTB)03-5796-5454 Fax: 03-5495-0680unrated
Japan Youth Hostel Association03-3851-1121unrated
JR East Info050-2016-1603unrated
JR East Info03-3423-0111unrated
Keisei Skyliner03-3831-0131unrated
Kekkaku Yobo Kenkyu Jyo (TB Research Center)03-3292-1218 Fax: 03-3292-1292Located in Kiyoseshi, Tokyo.unrated
Mini Moves03-3368-7333; (J) 03-3933-6785unrated
Missions Travel Service03-3292-7361unrated
Narita Customs03-3529-0700unrated
Narita Immigration03-5796-9112unrated
Nihon Kotsu -- taxi service in English03-5755-23365-4-51 Ukima Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan unrated
Nihon Kotsu Taxi (for English speaking customers)03-5755-2336  unrated
Nihon Tourist Clinic03-3562-5971c/o Food Center Bekkan, Ginza 1-1, Chuo-ku 104unrated
NTO Sky Porter03-3590-1919 Fax: 0476-34-7806unrated
Overseas Travel Service03-3214-4821/8unrated
STA Travel03-5287-3543(Takadanobaba) or 03-5391-2922 (Ikebukuro)Takadanobaba Marine Bldg. 1F, 1-32-13 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku TOKYO unrated
T-CAT Limousin Information(03)3665-7232unrated
Taxi lost and found, Tokyo03-3648-0300
TCAT (Tokyo City Air Terminal, Hakozaki)03-3665-7111, 03-3665 7220 for timetable and flight info.unrated
Tobu Taxi03-3330-2111unrated
Toei Bus Information03-3516-1950unrated
Tokyo Metro Lost and Found03-3834-5577unrated
Tourist Information Center03-3201-333110 Fl., Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan Bldg.,2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006unrated
Tourist Information Center03-3201-3331, 03-5321-307781-3-5321-3077 Fax: 03-5321-3078Main Building No.1, 1F)8-1, Nishi-Shinjuku 2-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyounrated
YAC Visitors’ Guide03-3341-8989unrated
Yamato Takkyubin03-3639-5435, 0120-27-1040unrated
Yamato Transport03-3541-3411 Fax: 03-3542 1979unrated
Yobo Sesshu Center (Immunization Center)03-3462-22001-10 Sakura-oka Machi, Shibuya-ku 105-0031. unrated
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