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Asuka International Clinic0862-84-7676310-1 Narazu, Okayama City. (Hiratsubashi Bus station: Take Chyutetsu Bus from Okayama train station) unrated
Chiba University Hospital0432-22-71711-8-1, Inohana, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba, Japan [Transport Guide: Get off at Chiba Station (Sobu Line) East Exit, and take the #7 Platform bus bound for University Hospital (daigaku byouin) and get off at the final bus stop. The Hospital is on the right hand side.The trip takes 15 to 30 min] unrated
Ichikawa Shi (Chiba) Emergency Hospital (Ichikawa Shi Kyubyo Shinryojyo)0473-77-12221-18-1 Oosu Ichikawa Shi (JR Moto Yawata Station) unrated
Japan Hospital Search for International PatientsN/A (contact via website)unrated
SHARE: Service for the Health in Asian & African Regions070-5207-6953unrated
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