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As an entrepreneur, a lot rides on the success of your web project, often with very little time to prove your concept's viability. The website you build must display a clear competitive edge as it will largely represent you to your investors, potential partners, customers and new hires. By choosing bluejava for your web application development, you will be making a smart key decision that will help maximize your chance of success.

Here is why:

Faster Time to Market

We start with a fully functional business application, complete with user registration and security, LiveContent pages and more. This sits atop our Yokohama Business Platform (YBP). This combination cuts your time-to-market to the bare minimum, allowing us to focus purely on your differentiating features. Best of all, this rapid development does not come with the usual "Spaghetti Code" that comes from a rushed project - your site is built with elegance, in compliance with industry standards, atop a world class business web platform.

More Polish

We build your solution by strategically forming a collection of pre-existing and custom-built blocks (called "XoX Blocks").   These blocks are being used in existing applications, so are more secure and less error prone than newly written code.  They also provide you with more functionality in less time and for less cost.

We can easily provide a product showcase using our DMS Image blocks then add user reviews using our Discussion blocks.  If we later wish to attach files to these products (such as a PDF brochure), we can easily do so.  This technique has proven to offer the best aspects of packaged software, with the business advantages of completely custom applications.

Less bugs. Faster time to market. More polish.

On-Line Planning Services

Building extremely compelling web sites with tight deadlines poses many challenges. There can be many interests to keep in mind, and many changing dynamics that can effect priority, design and schedule. To continuously ensure that we are building the ideal solution given the constraints, we provide a feature planner and tracker, which enables you to brainstorm features, get time and cost quotes, and calculate the ROI.

ROI Forecaster

Our feature tracker encourages a feature-focused, ROI-driven planning and development style which provides an extremely agile approach. This agility quickly propels you to the forefront of your market, and enables you to stay several steps ahead of your competitors.

Web Solution Consulting

bluejava is ideally suited to entrepreneurs, as we have experience building sites for companies depending on quickly reaching revenue generation to attract investment. Our schedules are completely dependable - giving you the freedom to plan with complete confidence that your site will be ready on time.

And with our flexible "credits-based" payment system, you can quickly get a feature through the "pipeline" and have the functionality on display as fast (or often faster) than with in-house programmers!

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Please do not hesitate to use the message box below to make a comment, ask a question, or find out more about how we can work together. We'd love to hear from you!