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Being part of a large organization poses many additional challenges to web application development planning and execution.

System integration is a priority.  Security is paramount. Budgets fixed. Deadlines absolute.

bluejava is the ideal partner for working with large organizations to plan, implement and deploy web applications that integrate with, and work amongst an existing IT infrastructure.  We understand the needs of large corporations and can work with you and members of your team to create the web solution you need - more quickly than you might expect.

Here is why:

Standards Compliance

We build your solution upon our enterprise class J2EE compliant Yokohama Business Platform, which makes integration with virtually any leading enterprise system possible. And with the vast availability of Java Business Integration components, there is rarely a problem with integration regardless of your needs.

Yokohama Business Platform is our product, so we have comprehensive expertise of the full application stack for your solution. It is a highly self-managed business system core which emails us of any unexpected conditions and allows us to diagnose problems and often address them before they are noticed by your users. This helps ensure high quality, efficient, error-free solutions that meet the strict requirements of today's enterprises.

Yokohama Business Platform

Polished Business Components

With the Yokohama Business Platform, solutions are made up of a collection of business component blocks - each providing a critical piece of functionality. These blocks can be rearranged to enhance an existing solution, or create entirely new solutions with minimal impact on budget and schedule.

The result is more polished, has less bugs, and cuts your time-to-market to the bare minimum - allowing us (and your team) to focus purely on your business' differentiating features.  In addition, because your solution is expressed as a succinct description of business rules, the codebase is clean and very readable. This also contributes to less bugs, and for easy-to-maintain applications that can be quickly learned by new staff or other development partners.

Multi-Layered Security

Security has been woven into our business platform at every level:

  • HTTPS-enabled communication is standard
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • One-way encrypted passwords
  • Role-based user security
  • FormProtect for securing web forms

Security is applied to every aspect of content serving using an "assumed least permissions" model, which forbids all services to all people until explicitly permitted. This helps remove any possibility of an oversight or accident revealing your critical private data, or that of your customers, to the wrong people.


Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Publicly viewable web servers are particularly vulnerable to attack - and hackers are increasingly targeting web servers to stage their attacks. These attacks occur over standard HTTP or HTTPS and therefor bypass normal network (packet) firewalls. Our Web Application Firewall examines each incoming HTTP(S) request and detects illicit behavior and immediately blacklists offending IP addresses.

Web Application Firewall

We participate in security-focused professional groups and update your WAF to be aware of new and/or emerging threats. Historically, these threats have never endangered our clients, as they target weaknesses in web technology that our platform does not suffer from. However, we still detect these attacks and blacklist the offender, as they provide no business value to your organization - and may drain system resources. Also, this service is part of our Security in Depth approach to keeping our clients safe.

Agile Development

Agile Development practices focus on providing high-value features to clients often, while fostering the dynamic changes to projects that are inevitable with high growth businesses.

We will develop your solution with agile methodologies designed specifically for business web application development. We provide online management tools for planning and tracking your features; and to ensure you always know exactly what to expect and when.

Fast.. Flexible.. Dependable.


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