Introduction to the Blog

November 19, 2014

This is our new blog and our inaugural post. We will mostly talk about web and mobile development.

Hello Dear Reader!

Welcome to our inaugural blog entry. Its been a long time coming - as this site has been in existence since about 1997.  A lot has happened with bluejava since then and there were ample opportunities for blogging some of these experiences, ideas and code - but until now those thoughts were always posted in various other places around the web, depending on the project and/or the subject matter; or simply went unblogged.

A Conduct of Code

This blog will be primarily focused on web and mobile application development. It may occasionally venture off into surrounding (related) topics, such as the business of software development or even further off into business domain aspects of our endeavors - but my head is most often in the nuts and bolts of creating applications, so that will surely dominate.

An Endless Fountain of Blog Material

One recent event that is partly responsible for the timing of this blog launch, is the announcement of the end of the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) project. This has forced our hand in what was likely to happen anyway - which is our move from YUI to an alternate set of front-end technologies. 

To be clear, YUI is a great framework; but for a variety of reason, I have been looking for an alternative. This deserves its own post(s) and those will be soon forthcoming.

But the process of surveying, comparing and then essentially re-tooling our front-end stack will provide us with a lot to blog about. If front-end technology plays a key role in your endeavors, I think you'll find a lot of what we will write about relevant - and I hope you will stop by and engage in the conversation.

More Interesting Posts to Come

I promise that future posts will contain more "useful" and/or interesting information than this one. That probably means more actionable (or debatable) thoughts on technology, more code snippets, and maybe even a few requisite animated gifs.

So I hope you bookmark, or subscribe, or follow, or whatever you do to keep in touch with blogs.  [See the main blog directory page for subscribing]  I look forward to sharing the next phase(s) of bluejava with you all.

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Glenn is the founder of bluejava K.K., and has been providing consulting services and developing web/mobile applications for over 15 years. Glenn lives with his wife and two children in Fujisawa, Japan.
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